Bali Sarongs: A Recommended Indonesian Batik Sarong Fabric for Souvenir

Bali Sarongs: A Recommended Indonesian Batik Sarong Fabric for Souvenir

Bali Sarongs: A Recommended Indonesian Batik Sarong Fabric for SouvenirIf you want to go on vacation and choose Bali as your vacation destination, you can buy Indonesian batik sarong fabric that is widely sold in the island as your precious souvenirs. In Bali, there are a lot of producer of batik sarong fabric that is very beautiful and unique to be one of your fashion items. One of them is Bali Sarongs. This business produce, supply, sell, and export many types of Bali pareo and sarongs that are produced originally from the island. There are a lot of styles available on this business, from monochromatic sarongs, which is an iconic fabric in Bali, to sarongs with tropical prints. This business also provides hand painted rayon sarong and batik beachwear for those who want to stay stylish on the beach. The sarong and other types of apparels available in this business are divided according to man and woman. Batik sarongs in cotton fabric are also available.

Bali Sarongs has been doing their business in Indonesian batik sarong fabric industry for years, thus the quality of their products are guaranteed. They also export their products to other islands such as Java and Sumatra. They also export worldwide and currently have a lot of clients abroad, which add more value to the quality of their batik. The range of price offered vary from the cheapest Bali Sarong with only less than 2 dollars, to the extremely expensive hand painted batik sarong. However, most of their products are stamped batik and you may need to request the shop beforehand to get the hand painted one. You can check their website to see the patterns and colors of their products. The patterns are dominated by floral and abstract patterns, which is the specialty of Bali Sarongs. As for the color, it varies widely, from calm navy blue to bright pink.

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There are two different grades for Indonesian batik sarong fabric. The first grade sarong has thicker fabric of rayon compared to the second grade. It is due to the different in the number of threads. With denser threads, the designs of the batik sarong will be more prominent than the one with lesser threads. However, if you purchase this sarong to go to the beach, the second grade sarong is more recommended because it is lighter and cooler due to lesser threads. You can visit Bali Sarongs at for further inquiries regarding their products.

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