Indonesian Cotton Batik Fabric : An Emerging, Promising Industry

Silk Batik Fabric Indonesia: An Emerging, Promising Industry

Indonesian Cotton Batik Fabric : An Emerging, Promising IndustryAs one of the most developed art forms in Indonesia, batik gains a great popularity around the world. Batik is actually a technique to apply wax-resist dyeing technique to a cloth rather than the name of the cloth itself. It is created by either drawing lines or dots of its resist by using a tool with spout named canting, or by stamped the resist by using a stamp made from copper called a cap. The wax resists the dye and thus enable the maker to color it selectively by wetting the cloth in certain color, removing its wax with hot water, and doing it again several times if multiple colors are desired. Actually, this practice of creating patterns on cloth can be found in many countries. However, Indonesia may be the most popular one. The most common clothes used for batik are cotton, rayon, and silk batik fabric. Indonesia has done this practice for many years, making this practice of creating batik a precious cultural heritage for the country.

The Indonesian batik fabric, especially the Indonesian cotton batik fabric , possess a long acculturation history with various types of patterns influences by numerous cultures. It is considered as one among the most developed batik in the world when it comes to workmanship quality, technique, and patterns. UNESCO designated the Indonesian batik as Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity in 2009, which make batik the pride of Indonesia. The batik word is originated from Javanese, which is derived from ambatik (amba means ‘to write’ and titik means ‘dot’). A lot of batik patterns in Indonesia are considered symbolic. Each pattern has their own meaning and is the cloth with certain patterns is used for the purpose related to the meaning of the patterns. It also play a main role in several Javanese rituals. Some designs can only be worn by nobles and royalties.

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After the recognition of UNESCO, batik becomes more popular among general public. Indonesian Government also appointed October 2nd as National Batik Day, where Indonesians are encourage to wear batik during this day regardless of their occupations. Batik in general, or Indonesian cotton batik fabric  in particular, is a developing industry that improve the economy by giving business opportunity to smaller businesses. Batik is also very popular in other countries, such as Malaysia and Singapore. It is also featured in the uniforms of the 3 countries’ national airline.

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