Hawaiian Batik Fabric as A Must-have Fashion Items

Hawaiian Batik Fabric as A Must-have Fashion Items

Hawaiian Batik fabric is a unique quilt since it comes with a contrasting background to the main pattern. As you know, like a Hawaiian Quilt, a Hawaiian Batik fabric comes with a bright or black flower design in a dramatic contrast background. Here why A Hawaiian Batik fabric is a must-have fashion item for you!

Hawaiian Batik Fabric as A Must-have Fashion Items

The Authenticity of Hawaiian Batik fabric

Not only related to summer and holiday clothes, but a Batik fabric also can use for another nonformal event such as hangout, traveling, etc. That is why it is suitable for so many occasion. Having some of Batik fabric in your cabinet is a must. Here other reason why you should have a Hawaiian Batik fabric

The Pattern Design

Batik fabric patterns are admired as a very different fabric pattern design to most typical and traditional quilts.


It is Hard to Duplicate

Since it has a simple design with flower (mostly big sized flower), it does not means everyone can easily duplicate your Batik fabric.


Wide Variety Pattern

Batik fabric usually shows a few colors to ensure the design still simple and clear. But, for you that need an extra plan to express your soul, you do not have to worry. It comes in a broad variety pattern.


Hawaiian Batik Fabric  Motifs

The Batik fabric motifs embrace the fauna and flora of the Hawaiian as well as appears in the cultures and traditions of their life. They all come with several exotic topics in florals (waterlily, hibiscus, roses, etc.) and fauna.

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As a traditional-based fabric, a Hawaiian Batik fabric take a role for not only limited to cloths need but also for committing to a Hawaiian culture that has been keeping for years. It really works for whatever your taste or whatever your non-formal occasion.

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