Green Batik Fabric With Contemporary Design And Stylish

Green Batik Fabric With Contemporary Design And Stylish

Green batik fabric is synonymous with the fresh and familiar impression. Batik fabric with green color can help you to perform with style. So you can eliminate the traditional feeling, then you can combine the use of batik cloth with other types of fabrics. The purpose of batik cloth by the color also strongly supports you to appear with high confidence in an activity. Your comfort with the clothes you wear is also very influential with the perfection of your appearance. Therefore the selection of the primary colors of batik cloth and motif is significant for you to adjust the concept of the event that you will visit.

Green Batik Fabric With Contemporary Design And Stylish

The Green Batik Fabric Variety With The Combination To Reach The Perfect Look

Shown with style is to be what everyone wants. Especially if you will meet with old friends or a gathering that can invite the attention of many people if you do not perform flawlessly. Green batik fabric can be an option for combination in the manufacture of clothes you wear. Also, you can get the beautiful look. Green batik fabric will also make an elegant impression and dignity because the design of batik fabric motif is a high-value art. Although there have been batik prints made with the machine, as an art, batik fabric made by hand will have a higher value.

The Use Of Green Batik Fabric That Has Unique Design Motifs

  • Used for making long-sleeved batik blouses
  • Used to make the long dress
  • Making of Moslem batik blouse
  • Modern children batik clothing
  • Underwear such as pants and skirts

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Green batik fabric is available in many motifs and size of fabric pieces. You can choose which themes are best suited for use with a green base cloth. Get the perfect appearance by combining batik cloth with plain fabric for the clothes you will make.

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