Floral Indonesian Batik Fabric: An Overview

Floral Indonesian Batik Fabric

Floral Indonesian Batik FabricNowadays, human lifestyle consists of various aspects, which are not as simple as the lifestyle two decades ago. A lot of things have changed, thus many aspects in our lifestyle are also changed. Fashion is one of those aspects. Fashion, or the way we dress, can be easily influenced by a lot of things, making this aspect very fluid and prone to change. In 2017, the trend of fashion is related to throwback. Items that used to be popular in 20’s, such as high-waist-ed trousers, jumpsuits, wide-legged flair, and floral patterns, are gaining its popularity again. Batik, a traditional fabric from Indonesia that also gain more popularity as a fashion item, also follow this trend to accommodate current people’s taste. With the emerge of floral patterns trend, many batik maker try to fit in by producing more Floral Indonesian Batik Fabric: An Overview. In this article, we will give brief overview regarding the use of floral patterns in fashion.

Unlike traditional batik patterns or vintage batik patterns, Floral Indonesian Batik Fabric: An Overview can be considered a more modern and contemporary one. The colors and patterns are limitless. You can find various colors, from darker one to brighter and more daring colors. The patterns are also very versatile, and sometime it does not even look liked a traditional batik at all. This is surely a great news for younger generation who want to appear trendy and fashionable without throwing away their cultural heritages. For formal occasions, long dress with calmer color and simple floral patterns are better. For informal occasions, such as going on picnic, shopping on the mall, going to beach, you can choose brighter colors with complex patterns or softer colors if you are not comfortable with daring colors. The most popular color shades for floral batik fabric is blue-green shades. Softer, pastel color is also quite popular, especially for casual occasions.

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You can purchase Indonesian batik  fabric on batik store in Indonesia, especially in Pekalongan, Central Java. Pekalongan combines various cultural influences on their batik style, thus, you can find a lot of contemporary batik fabric in this area. If you want to look for a more vintage one, Yogyakarta is the recommended place you can visit in Indonesia. Some online shops also provides various patterns in their gallery that you can choose. Do not forget to prepare more money if you wish to purchase the hand painted one as this version is more expensive.

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